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Every sculpture begins with a close and detailed look at the subject, which I generally do using a collection of images. I spend time studying these images so as to gain a better understanding of the defining features of the subject in hand. I also produce drawings on which I record vital information such as all the key measurements I need to produce a frame to the chosen scale. Once I feel confident I have all the information I need I progress to making the frame.

I construct m y frames using steel rods of varying grades, the majority of which I weld together giving the structure further strength and stability. The making of these wire frames is an important  and vital part of the whole process for me, as all the decisions made during this period will directly effect the finished sculpture. I spend a great deal of time making sure that all the lines, curves and shapes that I feel truly communicate the subject's character and nature are captured at this stage. 

Once the wire frame is complete I am ready to begin working the willow into the frame. I very much enjoy the way ea ch piece of willow begins to define the sculpture. During this process, as the frame and willow become one, I am working  to further develop the shapes outlined by the frame and beginning to instil a sense of movement and energy within the willow sculpture.   

 Once the sculpture is complete I allow the willow to dry and then spray each sculpture with a mixture of Tung  oil, Linseed oil and natural Turpentine. This not only helps to protect the willow from the elements (improving life span), but also finishes the willow sculpture beautifully by accentuating the willow's natural colour and texture.